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Session 5



In recent years, cities have increasingly incorporated digital and smart innovations to improve citizens’ quality of life. With the emergence of COVID-19 and the establishment of quarantines, digital infrastructure has played a critical role in the local economy’s functioning and the population’s access to essential public goods and services. Is this trend of digital transition, accelerated by the pandemic, an opportunity for the economic recovery of cities?


Sandra Marín Herbert – Coordinator of City to City Cooperation IUC-LAC

Opening Remarks:

Lise Pate – Deputy Head of the Foreign Policy Instruments Regional Team for the Americas


  • Barranquilla (CO)Ricardo Vives – Director of Urban Projects and City Intelligence
  • Benedito Novo (BR)Simone Gomes Traleski – Sanitation and Environment Advisor
  • Smart City Cluster Spain (ES)Verónica Ramírez – Director for R&D
  • Porto (PT) Paulo Calçada – Porto Digital CEO
  • Case Study – Lisboa (PT):Miguel Fontes – Incubation and acceleration of technology-based startups, StartUp Lisboa, Miguel Fontes


Sergio Barroso – Social and Economic Development Expert

Final Report

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