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Session 4



The economic crisis, generated by the Coronavirus, is affecting the planet, with impacts on the national and city economies.This disruptive event comes at a time when in the EU, new environmental policies are underway that aim at the transition to a more sustainable economy. The Green Deal seeks to transform Europe and accelerate the transition to a “clean” and circular economy, climate neutral. Will economic recovery be an opportunity to rethink the prosperity model and build an economy around ecological principles?


Sandra Marín Herbert – Coordinator of City to City Cooperation IUC-LAC

Opening Words:

Lise Pate – Deputy Head of the Foreign Policy Instruments Regional Team for the Americas.


  • Viana do Castelo (PT): José María Costa – Mayor
  • SÃO LEOPOLDO (BR): Ary Vanazzi Mayor
  • PABLOS MELAS (GR): Paris Kourti – Director of Urban Policies & Funding Strategies
  • IBAGUÉ (CO): Sebastián Sánchez – Dean of Business Administration, Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia
  • Case Study – Utrecht (HO): Marin Zegers –Circular Economy, an innovative boost of Utrecht’s (HO) Healthy Urban Living

Moderator: Sergio Barroso – Social and Economic Development Expert
Final Report

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