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IUC-LAC shows solidarity with the victims of Covid-19 and reinforces the importance of collective efforts to overcome the crisis

Throughout the world we are experiencing painful moments caused by the globalized pandemic of covid-19. The International Urban Cooperation Program for Latin America and the Caribbean (IUC-LAC) expresses condolences and deep respect for families that have lost their loved ones due to the disease. We especially acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of local authorities and municipal managers who have cooperated with our network. The pandemic has brought us great challenges and countless losses, the biggest of which is human lives.

The challenging scenario we face requires quick and accurate measures to reduce the impacts of the disease and control its spread. We understand that prioritizing health, defending life and working together to respond to the needs of the population should be the focus of actions at the moment. We are joining efforts in a large network of solidarity and knowledge to build the recovery of cities in the post-crisis, minimizing the effects for the most vulnerable populations and thinking about ways for economic and social recovery.

We know that controlling climate change is one of the essential factors in order to have a more balanced environment and to minimize the risk of new crises. Now, more than ever, we need to mitigate climate change and work with ambitious response goals, seeking to ensure a better planet for future generations, with preserved ecosystems and biodiversity. The reaction to this moment highlights the role of local governments, which increasingly need to think globally and act locally to guide municipal actions.

The IUC-LAC reinforces its commitment to help collectively rebuild a “new normal”, which is based on social justice, solidarity and equality.


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