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IUC LAC and IUC Asia promote thematic networks on a global scale for the program

The International Urban Cooperation Program for Latin America and the Caribbean (IUC-LAC) facilitated rapprochement and networking between the cities of Zagreb (Croatia) and the cities of IUC-JAPAN Turku (Finland) and Nagano and Obuse (Japan) to talk about prevention of natural disasters. It thus promotes the new approach of the future IURC that will focus on this type of thematic exchanges between pairings from different regions of the program.

The European city of Zagreb, which has worked in the program primarily on issues of urban mobility and solutions from natural elements, is, according to its representative, Iva Bedenko, very interested in preventing natural disasters due to the earthquake that the city suffered in March 2020, the strongest since 1880, and which has meant that it had to work on its urban regeneration after the event.

The city of Zagreb thus seeks to take advantage of the thematic networking opportunity offered by the program to learn about the Nagano-Obuse experience in mobilizing the community in the face of natural disasters since 2018.

In fact, their experiences in the effects of natural disasters led them to debate on issues such as the prevention of climate change. the use of renewable energy, or the circular economy.

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