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The Peruvian delegation of Arequipa traveled to Poland within the framework of the IUC cooperation program of the European Union

A new exchange between cities and regions took place within the framework of the International Urban Cooperation Program (IUC) of the European Union, since a delegation from Arequipa (Peru) traveled to Podlaskie (Poland) to meet with their team between 1 and 5th of October. The objective of the meeting was to establish common lines of cooperation that promote improvements in sustainable urban development in both territories. The delegations dealt with topics such as innovation and trade cooperation in agribusiness, new technologies for the metal and light industries, and governance processes.


The meeting began with the traditional presentation of the host city by the mayor of Podlaskie, Jerzy Lesczynski. He continued with the visit to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Bialystol and a cluster of metal processing, and then continued with a meeting with members of the commercial club of the Chamber of Commerce of Poland.

The Arequipa team also attended the V Eastern Economic Congress, an important event that brought together prominent economists, politicians and local authorities of the country for two days, and had the opportunity to visit the Bialystok science and technology park, a space designed for entrepreneurs, scientists and new technologies lovers.



The Peruvian delegation consisted of the Chief of the Planning, Budget and Territorial Planning Office of Arequipa, Javier Eduardo Rospigliosi Vega, the Regional Chief, Brunno Alonso Gambetta Paredes, the President of the Arequipa Farmers’ Association, Justo Díaz Cano, Chairman of the Technology and Innovation Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Arequipa, Jean Louis Gelot, the Director of the Center for Technological Innovation (CITE) of Arequipa, José Godofredo Peña, and the INFYDE consultant, Jonatan Paton.


About IUC

The International Urban Cooperation Program (IUC) aims to support cities in different regions of the globe to connect and share solutions for common problems in sustainable urban development within the framework of the New Urban Agenda and the fight against Climate Change. The community initiative revolves around three main areas: cooperation between cities that will provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and best practices, specific issues of urban development, the establishment of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, and for Latin America, a program of exchanges between regions to stimulate regional economic development through innovation, competitiveness and smart specialization.


About IUC-LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean)

This is the chapter for Latin America and the Caribbean of the IUC Global program. To have a budget of more than 5 million euros and three years of duration, 20 cities in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru and 20 regions of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru will be chosen to collaborate with their European counterparts. The Global Compact of the mayors for Climate and Energy will be established in 20 countries of the region.

Source: Atrevia

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