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Representatives of the government of Yucatan travel with a European Union program to Slovenia for the development of sustainable cities

  • Authorities of the Government of Yucatan, together with representatives of the private sector, will be visiting from 8 to 12 April in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in search of mobility solutions in the transport system within the framework of the International Urban Cooperation Program (IUC) of the European Union

The Secretary of Sustainable Development of the government of Yucatan, Sayda Rodríguez Gómez, and its undersecretary Diana Pérez Jauma, together with the General Director of the Institute of Mobility and Urban Development, Aref Miguel Karam Espósitos and other members of the private sector, such as Francisco de Asis Ipiña Gutiérrez de Rozas, Director of the Development Agency of Yucatán, is visiting Ljubljana (Slovenia), which participates in the International Urban Cooperation Program (IUC) of the European Union. They are also accompanied on the trip by David Cembrero Gómez, Pairing Manager of Infyde and two more people are expected to join the mission.

Meeting between the Yucatan delegation and authorities of the Ljubljana region, Slovenia.

Yucatán is one of the regions of Mexico that participates in the exchange program with the European Union for cities that are interested in sustainable development. For this reason, the group of Mexican representatives visits a counterpart territory in Europe; in this case, Ljubljana, in Slovenia, looking for experiences in the development of mobility options for the transport system.

Mexicans sit from April 8 to 12 with local authorities to learn the lessons that this region can share with others in Latin America, to meet the demand for transport services caused by the increase in population and to combat climate change according to international agreements, such as the Urban Agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

Regarding the visit, previously a delegation representing Ljubljana had the opportunity to travel to Yucatan territory to learn about the mobility options that have been developed in the region in relation to this issue. Now it’s Yucatan’s turn to travel to the European region.

Walk through Ljubljana, Slovenia

During the current week, the key stakeholders involved have the objective of sharing experiences regarding mobility practices for cities interested in sustainable development. At the meeting it is expected to conclude agreements to work together between both territories.

About IUC-LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean)

This is the chapter for Latin America and the Caribbean of the IUC Global program. With a budget of more than 5 million euros and three years of duration, 20 cities and regions of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru have been chosen; and 20 regions of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru for collaborations with their European counterparts.

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