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A delegation from Tierra del Fuego traveled to Finland to promote the exchange of experiences in different sectors

Within the framework of the EU’s International Program of Urban Cooperation (IUC), which aims to support cities and regions of the world to connect and share solutions on sustainable development, a delegation from Tierra del Fuego visited Ostrobothnia (Finland), between March 4 and 9, to meet representatives of this country.

During the visit, Tierra del Fuego had the opportunity to learn at first hand the innovative and sustainable management developed by the Finnish city in the energy sector, the forestry industry, the consumer electronics industry, among others.

Reception of the Director of Development of Vaasa City, Mrs Susanna Slotte-Kock, to the delegation of Tierra del Fuego

The members of the Tierra del Fuego delegation that traveled to Finland were the Secretary of State for Strategic and Territorial Planning and Habitat, Olaf Jovanovich; the undersecretary of institutional support and Ministry of Development and Investment, Germán Hazaña; the Vice Chancellor of the National University of Tierra del Fuego; the manager of CENTEC, Hugo Bonifacini and the Head of Production of the lumber company TOPIC, Miguel Ascar.

During the exchange, the Argentine team had contact with different local personalities such as Jerker Johnson, International Coordinator of the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia and Monica Julieth Valencia Botero Researcher at VEBIC (Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Center) of the University of Vaasa, as well as other businesspersons highlights of the most important sectors for the exchange.

The visit began with the traditional welcome by the Finnish authorities, which took place in the municipality of Ostrobothnia. During the first day, the highlight was the presentation of the strengths of the Finnish city in the City’s Chamber of Commerce and the debates on topics such as circular economy and energy management.

During the second day, March 5, the Argentine delegation met several local companies, mainly related to architecture, clean energies and project financing, and visited the largest Nordic energy cluster.

One of the presentations on smart cities that developed during the exchange

During the next day, in which innovation was the protagonist, the Argentine delegation visited research centers of the University of Vaasa, as well as technological laboratories, 3D printing, virtual reality and engines.

Visit to Technobotnia, virtual reality department of the University of Vaasa

During the penultimate day of visit, on Thursday, March 7, a presentation was made to the company Wärtsila, where the specific needs of energy in Tierra del Fuego were discussed. This point was already discussed between both delegations when the first visit of the program took place; in this case, the city of Argentina was the one who received the Finnish delegation.

Visit to the Wärtsilä production factory

The exchange ended on Friday, March 6, after visiting several companies and local institutions such as Element and Norrvalla, where the Argentine delegation was able to learn about the construction systems of smart homes in Ostrobothnia and their sustainable use of resources. The activity ended with the traditional farewell dinner between the delegations and the signing of a memorandum of understanding to continue their collaboration beyond the program.

Farewell dinner between the Argentine delegation and the Finnish delegation

About the IUC-LAC (Latin America and Caribbean)

This is the chapter for Latin America and the Caribbean of the IUC Global program. With a budget of more than 5 million euros and three years of duration, 20 cities in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru have been chosen; and 20 regions of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru for collaborations with their European counterparts.


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