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Two online seminars about climate resilience close IUC-LAC Dialogues

Nine international speakers participate in the week dedicated to climate resilience of the IUC LAC Dialogues on Rethinking Public Services and Natural Resources (July 7) and Actions and Solutions for Climate (July 9). The two webinars will focus on the debates about the European Green Pact, on the European Union’s roadmap for promoting a sustainable economy and turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities to achieve the preservation of the planet.

The series of online meetings of the International Urban Cooperation Program for Latin America and the Caribbean (IUC-ALC), financed by the European Union, has already received the contribution of 28 international experts for the exchange of experiences, good practices and challenges, involving local governments, representatives of public institutions, private companies and entrepreneurs from the European Union and Latin America.

The climate resilience of urban environments, their capacity to adapt to external agents that change them, such as climate change, are aligned with the European Green Deal, a priority for the European Union, which is promoting and financing projects for local, regional, national and international adaptation of territories. The resilience strategy is complementary to the body’s efforts to mitigate the effects of the phenomenon.

Public services and natural resources

The first of the two seminars, Rethinking Public Services and Natural Resources, July 7, will focus on the possibilities of improving decisive public services during the Covid-19 pandemic, incorporating more principles of participation, transparency, innovation and sustainability to be of higher quality.

The seminar will feature high-level speakers such as the Deputy Environmental Development Manager of Miraflores (Peru), Doris Aspiazu Arévalo; the Mayor of San Pedro de la Paz (Chile), Audito Retamal; the Director of Operations of Emasagra in Granada (Spain), Marcos Antonio Martínes Martínez and the Manager of the EU Projects Department at ANCI Lazio (Italy), Andrea Vignoli. The Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Global Network of Resilient Cities (GNRC), Eugène Zapata, will present the case study at her entity. The space will be moderated by the specialist in Networks of Knowledge and Local Public Policy, Braulio Díaz.

Climate actions and solutions

On July 9, Climate Actions and Solutions will close the Climate Resilience Week and the IUC-LAC Open Dialogue series. The case study will be presented by DG ENER’s Energy Transition and Local Governance consultant, Eero Ailio, and his response by DG REGIO senior consultant, Ronald Hall. The session wants to highlight how a regional and global political agreement can help us tackle the challenge of climate change and environmental degradation.

The head of the Innovation, Environment, Climate and Sustainability Department in Almada (Portugal), Catarina Freitas and the Project and Territorial Development Manager of the Viña del Mar Planning Secretariat (Chile), Angela Escobar, will participate as speakers. The Planning Secretary of Pereira (Colombia), Yecid Armando Rozo and the Head of the Strategic Planning and Development Office of Zagreb (Croatia), Sanja Jerković, complete the team of guests, moderated by the specialist in Local Knowledge Networks and Public Policies, Braulio Díaz.

The two sessions will be presented by the City to City Cooperation Coordinator of the IUC-LAC program, Sandra Marín Herbert, with the presentation of the initial considerations of the representative of the European Union, Bárbara Rosas. The sessions will have simultaneous translation into English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Cooperation between cities

The IUC-LAC Open Dialogues began on May 13 with a seminar on the post-Covid-19 Renaissance Tourism Industry and addressed issues such as urban transformation and current economic recovery to achieve climate resilience by the closing week. The IUC-LAC initiative aimed to strengthen the relationship between the participating cities and exchange experiences and good practices to address the post Covid-19 stage.


July 7 – Rethinking Public Services and Natural Resources

July 9 – Climate Actions and Solutions


Madrid (ES) /Brussels (BE) /Rome (IT) – 17:00H (GMT+2)

Brasília (BR) – 12:00H (GMT -3)

Santiago de Chile (CL) – 11:00H (GMT -4)

Lima (PE) – 10:00H (GMT -5)

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