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The interchange between Malaga and Cartagena results in a cooperation to deal with the current neighborhoods transformation

The technical teams from the cities of Malaga (Spain) and Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) will participate in a second meeting of the IUC-LAC Dialogues, on June 17. The theme was focused on the transformation of neighborhoods in central areas of cities. In this sense, the experiences in Soho in Malaga and Gethsemane in Cartagena show good practices, but also negative effects such as gentrification.

The current interventions in the neighborhoods of Lagunillas by Malaga located in the suburbs of the city and El Espinal by that of Cartagena between the Castillo de San Felipe and the sea, will serve as pilot bases to exchange experiences that allow establishing mechanisms and methodologies for Co-design and co-implementation between cities and their key actors for the transformation of neighborhoods. This consensus will lead to regulating the proliferation of tourist apartments, the regulated implementation of urban art initiatives, the design of public space or the conservation of heritage based on climatic criteria, among other challenges that they present in the urban transformation of neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods of Lagunillas, Malaga

The Malaga technical team was formed by Nieves Fernández and Alberto Ruiz, coordinated by Montserrat Blanco. From Cartagenas de Indias the speakers were Ladys Posso, Manuel Zuñiga and Alexa Cuesta, with the coordination of Ana Maria González. The session was moderated by Sandra Marin, IUC-LAC City-City Cooperation Coordinator.

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