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The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy is highlighted in the National Congress of Municipalities in Colombia

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy was presented as an opportunity for local authorities in the fight against climate change during the National Congress of Municipalities, organized by the Federación Colombiana de Municipios (Colombian Federation of Municipalities), which took place between 25 and 28 February, in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. At the opening ceremony, the European Union Ambassador to Colombia, Patricia Llombart Cussac, highlighted the importance of the involvement of Colombian cities in environmental issues. “How can we not talk about sustainable development in Colombia?”, reflected the ambassador. The impact of the speech was felt in the increased interest in the Covenant by the mayors present at the occasion.

The European Union Ambassador to Colombia, Patricia Llombart, during the National Congress of Municipalities held in Cartagena de Indias

In addition to being present on the official program of the event, the Covenant announced on its stand, to the interested municipalities and the general public, the services it can offer. More than 50 representatives and authorities from local governments have expressed interest in committing themselves to the Pact and must confirm this commitment in the coming days, which should increase the capillarity of the initiative and provide a significant increase in climate actions in Colombia. Until the beginning of the event, the Global Covenant of Mayors had fifteen Colombian signatory municipalities of the alliance.
The opening act was attended by William Dau Chamatt, Mayor of Cartagena, Vicente Antonio Blel Scaff, Governor of the Department of Bolívar, Jessica Faieta, UNDP Resident Representative in Colombia, Karen Abudinen Abuchaibe, High Presidential Councilor for the Regions, Alicia Arango Olmos, Minister of the Interior, Jairo Raúl Clopatofsky Ghisays, Counselor for the Participation of People with Disabilities, Oscar Atehortua Duque, Director General of the National Police, Gilberto Toro, Executive Director of the Colombian Federation of Municipalities.

Stand do Pacto Global de Prefeitos no evento

The event

The National Congress of Municipalities is the largest space for dialogue between local governments in Colombia, serving for institutional exchanges also with the national government and with other public and private initiatives. The meeting is organized by the Colombian Federation of Municipalities, which acts as National Coordinator of the Pact in the National Consultative Committee for the country.

About IUC-LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean)

The International Urban Cooperation Program (IUC), funded by the European Union, supports cities in different regions of the globe to connect and share solutions to common problems in sustainable urban development, within the framework of the New Urban Agenda and in the fight against climate change. The Latin America and Caribbean chapter of the IUC Global program is responsible for implementing the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy in the region (

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