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The dialogue between the cities of the IUC LAC Velletri-Roma and Barranquilla results in a cooperation plan for urban agriculture

Within the scope of city-city cooperation of the International Urban Cooperation Program, financed by the European Union, representatives and technicians from the cities of Rome (Italy) and Barranquilla (Colombia) decided to incorporate the Urban Cooperation Action Plan (UCAP) a pilot for the implementation of urban gardens in the Colombian city.

The decision shows the recognition by both cities of urban agriculture as an important tool for social integration, the optimization of public space, the expansion of green spaces, citizen participation and public-private cooperation.

In Barranquilla, the project will be supported by associations such as Barranquilla Verde, Barranquilla Siembra or Siempre a Barranquilla. While waiting for the field visits, the team from Rome in collaboration with members of the RU:RBAN project have produced, as a result of this first Dialogue, a brief Vademecum with tips and steps to implement urban gardens in cities.

The next steps are the mapping of spaces, the definition of the responsible team and the evaluation of public-private mechanisms, which will allow the implementation of the project. These stages will count with the cooperation of the Italian city, leader of the RU:RBAN project – European URBACT Program, a transfer network of the urban agriculture model implemented in Rome.

The webinar, moderated by Sandra Marín, Coordinator of City-City Cooperation IUC-LAC, had as speakers Paola Marzi, director of the Urban Health Workshop of the city of Rome, Claudio Bordi, project manager for the RU:RBAN – URBACT, Fabio Ecca, head of the Citizen Association “Vivere in …”, Anna Maria Ceci, director of the ODV urban group for Italy, Giorgio Scavino, representative of Anci Lazio and Matteo Donati, representative of the “Urban Garden of the Smile, public-private cooperation project in Jesi (Marche region in central Italy).

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