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Rethinking cities in the post-covid-19: Open Dialogues takeaways

Rethinking the future of cities is one of the great challenges to be faced for post-covid-19. In a series of seven webinars called Open Dialogues – Rethinking the city after covid-19, the International Urban Cooperation Program for Latin America and the Caribbean (IUC-LAC) sought to capitalize on the added value of International Urban Cooperation between European cities, which were some of the first to suffer the impacts of the pandemic, and those of Latin America and the Caribbean, which still face peaks of the disease. With the participation of 39 specialists, the debates covered the topics: tourism, public space, mobility and transport, green and smart economy, and climate resilience.

The reorganization of public space, social and economic activity and its adaptation to the priorities of a new reality, in such an immediate period, forced local governments to think differently. And all the lessons and learnings brought about by this new challenge, and discussed in the virtual meetings, are now gathered in the publication “Open Dialogues: Europe and Latin America rethink post-covid-19 cities”, with the objective of helping to transform these impacts into opportunities.

For the IUC-LAC City-to-City Cooperation Coordinator, Sandra Marín, the exchange of knowledge and experiences between cities in the face of the Covid-19 challenge is an opportunity for innovation. “We hope that these exchanges between Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean will inspire us to rethink cities from innovative and people-centered perspectives,” said Sandra.

The IUC-LAC series of online meetings brought together representatives of cities, such as mayors and technicians, key actors, networks and associations, in addition to experts who presented case studies. Altogether, there were 1.128 registered participants, from Latin America and Europe. All video dialogues are also available on our YouTube channel.



The full publication can be accessed here.

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