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Cundinamarca and Lazio regions have their first cooperation meeting

The first meeting between Bogotá Cundinamarca, region of Colombia, and its European counterpart Lazio, region of Italy, took place between June 25 and 29 under the Component 3, Cooperation between Regions, of the International Urban Program in Latin America and the Caribbean (IUC-LAC).

At the meeting, the delegations learned more about Lazio’s experience in agro-food products, particularly dairy products and biotechnology, the priority theme of the cooperation.

The opening of the working days was made by Rosanna Belloti, General Regional Director of Economic Development.

The mission included a visit to the Food and Nutrition Research Center as well as to the Institute of Zootechnics and Aquaculture Institute, in Monterotondo. The latter is specialized in cattle and buffaloes breeding.

The technical teams also learned about the activities developed by the Institute of the National Research Council on the Structure of Matter, the National Center for New Technologies and Sustainability and the Food Chemistry Laboratory of the Lazio-Toscana Experimental Prophylactic Zoo Institute.

Jaime del Castillo, pairing manager, highlights that there were clear points of contact between the interests of the institutions, researchers and business associations with those shown by the Bogotá Cundinamarca region. They already started to formulate cooperation possibilities, which will be developed with more details in the next meeting in October.

The cooperation between regions of the IUC-LAC Program associates Latin America and European regions in innovation themes for local and regional development.

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